Build the next generation of products and experiences.

Build with FORMLESS and benefit from the innovation of decentralized digital rights management. Tap into a common property ownership network, and receive rewards and network effects associated with revenue sharing in a multiplayer digital economy.

Introducing SHARE Protocol,by FORMLESS

Open Blockchain Ecosystem
Modern tech & open architecture built to transfer value natively and efficiently
Instant Payouts
Instant and transparent payment routing across digital properties
Decentralized Rights Management
Price control, licensing, and interoperability across the new class of digital service providers.
Permissionless sharing, reimagined
Share revenue with thousands of participants using safe, scalable, and transferable royalty splits.
Nick Gordon
Nick GordonChief Partnership Officer for Symphonic

"Formless has developed intuitive, dynamic, and highly innovative technology rooted in pragmatic control-based tools."

Revenue sharingwithout limits

Build and deploy a revenue sharing smart contract to facilitate revenue distribution to an unlimited number of participants.

Our Cloud RPC endpoints perform the Solidity compilation and deployment transaction on EVM compatible blockchains including Ethereum, Polygon and Optimism.

"Monumental. Simply click a button and you are included in royalty payouts that are automatic, decentralized, and ever-lasting. It’s not just new tech, it’s a completely new form of interaction."

John-Paul Sassine

Software Engineer at Google and SHARE Protocol Open Source Contributor