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Kickback Boston uses revenue sharing to promote in-person event

Participants received over $750 in shared revenue
14 May 2024 - 3 Min Read
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FORMLESS partnered with Boston’s premiere community and event organization, Kickback Boston, to offer a first-of-its-kind revenue sharing on an Instagram post announcing their upcoming in-person event. 

  • The goal was to generate interest in the event by spreading awareness using an Instagram post. 
  • Formless and Kickback Boston posted an Instagram reel as a collab post and invited everyone who reshared the post to claim a share of revenues. 
  • Kickback Boston incentivized social sharing of the post by offering $50 per 1000 plays to a community of 75 participants, randomly selected from all the accounts that reshared the post.
  • Formless provided smart contract technology to efficiently establish revenue ownership rights and payout participants in real time. 
  • The community equally shared the revenue generated from the number of plays. 

"We were amazed by how viral our event announcement became by using Formless’s Share technology to share revenue with our community. Thanks to the organic engagement and awareness generated by our post, our event turnout was massive." 

– Daniel Francois, Co-Founder, Kickback Boston

What We Did


  • Drive awareness of the Kickback Boston event by rewarding social behaviors (reshares) with a monetary incentive to increase reach (plays). 
  • Use Formless’s smart contracts to simplify and streamline allocating revenue-share ownership rights and distribute reward payouts across a group of 75 participants. 
  • Leverage fast, real-time payouts in public communications to draw attention and further boost engagement with the post.


The post used a SHARE protocol smart contract to manage the ownership rights of the revenue stream generated by the post and instantly route payments to co-owners. As plays generated revenues, co-owners viewed their payout balance on the Formless dashboard application interface.

Splits Allocation

Revenue-sharing rights were offered to a random selection of 75 people who reshared the original Instagram post. Formless verified reposts and directed participants to claim their revenue-share split on the Formless application interface. Each participant automatically received 1.33% of the total revenue generated by the post.   

Building Community

Each split included a token for co-owners to unlock future experiences from Kickback Boston. 


  • The Instagram post generated 1,400 reshares, 15,000 plays, and a total of 1,700 engagement actions (reshares, comments, likes. and bookmarks). 
  • The collective received $750 in shared revenue. 


  • Revenue-share ownership rights were claimed quickly and automatically established for participants.
  • Incentivized participants generated social reach and engagement targets that exceeded Kickback Boston’s expectations.
  • The SHARE protocol efficiently distributed payments to all co-owners in real time.
  • Kickback Boston received 75 email addresses of new community participants with whom they can build direct connections. 
  • The results show promise for future Kickback Boston projects using Formless technology for event ticketing.

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Case Study
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