Welcome to the future
of the internet

FORMLESS is a decentralized network and digital space that empowers individuals to connect, create, collaborate and share in a multiplayer digital economy.

How doesFORMLESS work?

FORMLESS is built for peer-to-peer coordination, shared ownership and the formation of communities around physical and digital property.



Join tight-knit communities around your favorite creators, thoughtleaders, products, and experiences.

Access, distribute and co-own what matters to you, while generating passive income through revenue sharing.

Be your own platform.Share freely and fairly.Participate, and own a piece.


Be yourself online and become an active participant and builder in a collaborative digital economy.


Build an identity that feels true to you and accelerate growth with real-time royalties, revenue sharing, and full control of your distribution.

Developers & Companies

Build the next generation of products and experiences. Embed revenue sharing and participation into your products and infrastructure.

Illuminating truehuman purposethrough technology

Brandon Thorpe

"The multiplayer digital economy empowers smaller players to unite—inviting would-be consumers to become participants and bigger players to become powerful platforms. It's the digital equivalent of the common property rights that form corporations, but without the government contracts or physical property rights enforcement that make corporations possible."